Corporate responsibility

We recognise that our decisions impact our stakeholders, employees, the environment and our communities. Here, we provide an overview of each area, and signpost where you can find out more.

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Andy Golding

Corporate responsibility overview

Operating sustainably and responsibly is integral to our business model and strategy.

What we achieved in 2020

The operational and financial resilience of our business stood the test of 2020, and we delivered strong results while protecting our colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Our integration came on leaps and bounds, and our two cultures are now combined with a shared Purpose and Values. With a strong capital position, secured loan book and risk management capabilities, the Group ended 2020 in a positive position, ready to accelerate as soon as the economic outlook allows.

We’re particularly proud of our achievements over the last year despite the challenging circumstances. Here’s how we’ve continued to build on our relationships with our key stakeholders:


OSB Group donated £502,600 to community and charitable causes, while employee donations reached £13,400, despite restrictions on fundraising.


we’ve achieved consistently high consumer Net Promoter Scores for both Kent Reliance: (+67), and Charter Savings Bank (+72).


OSB Group achieved a two star rating in its first combined entry in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For survey and OSBIndia was certified as a Great Place to Work for the fourth year in a row.


Our Environmental Working Group focus on issues such as recycling and energy consumption with the support of our “Green Ninjas”. We also now operate a fleet of electric vans and encourage our savings customers to operate online.