Our business model

Our Purpose is to help our customers, colleagues and communities prosper.

To achieve our Purpose, we operate in a sustainable way with the relevant environmental, social and governance matters at the heart of our business. We are aligned to a strong governance framework and we recognise the needs and differences of our stakeholders.

Brands and heritage

Brands and heritage

We have a family of specialist lending brands targeting selected sub-segments of the mortgage market which are underserved by large UK banking institutions. We have well-established savings franchises through Kent Reliance, with its 150-year heritage, and the Charter Savings Bank brand.



Our team of highly skilled employees possess expertise and in-depth knowledge of the property, capital and savings markets, underwriting and risk assessment and customer management.



We benefit from cost and efficiency advantages provided by our wholly-owned subsidiary, OSB India, as well as credit expertise and mortgage administration services provided by CCFS.

Relationships with intermediaries and customers

Relationships with intermediaries and customers

Our strong and deep relationships with the mortgage intermediaries that distribute our products continue to win us industry recognition.

Capital strength

Capital strength

We have a strong CET1 ratio and capability to generate capital through profitability. The Board is focused on capital strength and delivering shareholder returns.

Specialist lending businessSpecialist mortgage lending

Our key strengths

  • Strong levels of mortgage origination
  • Excellent loan performance
  • Award-winning product propositions
  • Strong relationships with intermediaries

Strategic priorities

  • Be a leading specialist lender in our chosen market sub-segments
  • Retain focus on our complementary underwriting platforms: OSB’s bespoke and manual approach and CCFS’ automated risk assessment platforms
  • Further deepen relationships and distribution with intermediaries
  • Provide thought leadership and assist our borrowers in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions

Statutory net loans to customers


2020: £19.2bn

As disclosed in OSBG 2021 Annual report

OSB segment net loans

OSB segment net loans
  • Buy-to-Let/SME82%

  • Residential18%

CCFS segment net underlying loans

CCFS segment net underlying loans
  • Buy-to-Let70%

  • Residential27%

  • Bridging1%

  • Second charge2%

Sophisticated funding platformSophisticated funding platform

Our key strengths

  • Stable savings funding via Kent Reliance and Charter Savings Bank brands
  • Capital markets expertise with securitisation platforms allowing for programmatic issuance of high quality residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS)

Strategic priorities

  • Provide cost-efficient funding through a resilient and diversified funding platform to support our future growth
  • Deliver consistently good-value savings products to our customers
  • Pursue sophisticated wholesale funding and efficient balance sheet management
  • Leverage investment grade corporate rating for further diversification

Statutory retail deposits


2020: £16.6bn

As disclosed in OSBG 2021 Annual report


securitisations since 2013 across OSB and CCFS worth over


2020: 19 securitisations worth £7.9bn

Group’s funding channels as at 31 December 2021

Group’s funding channels
  • Retail79%

  • Bank of England19%

  • Wholesale2%

Unique operating modelUnique operating model

Our key strengths

  • OSB India: Best-in-class customer service
  • Deep credit expertise and data analytics of CCFS
  • Continued, disciplined cost management

Strategic priorities

  • Continue to leverage our unique and cost-efficient operating model
  • Leverage deep credit expertise and data analytics
  • Maintain an efficient, scalable and resilient infrastructure 
  • Reduce environmental impact of our operations

Statutory cost to income ratio


2020: 31%

As disclosed in OSBG 2021 Annual report


colleagues employed at OSB India as at 31 December 2021

2020: 493

For shareholders

Statutory basic EPS


Dividend per share


For intermediaries

OSB broker NPS1


CCFS broker NPS1


For communities

Group sponsorship and donations

nearly £395,000

For savings customers

OSB savings customer NPS1


OSB customer retention2


CCFS savings customer NPS1


CCFS customer retention2


For employees

Women in senior management roles3


Number of Group employees promoted in 2021


For the environment

Reduction in operational carbon footprint4 against 2019 baseline


  • 1. OSB customer NPS score relates to Kent Reliance savings customers; CCFS customer NPS relates to Charter Savings Bank customers; OSB broker NPS relates to Kent Reliance brokers and CCFS broker NPS relates to Precise Mortgage brokers.
  • 2. Retention is defined as average maturing fixed contractual retail deposits that remain with the Bank on their maturity date.
  • 3. Employees undertaking roles at Grades A to E.
  • 4. Operational footprint is defined as Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 (paper, water, waste, business travel, electricity transmission and distribution) emissions and excludes upstream and downstream emissions from the Group’s value chain.