Focused on our customers

Our customers are part of our success and we aim to be a financial services provider of choice.

We transact with our savers in branches or by telephone, post and the internet and we offer them an opportunity to let us know how we are doing whenever they call or interact with our Banks by listening to their views and acting upon what they tell us. Customer feedback is collected throughout the year and despite the continuing difficulties of the pandemic, increased volume of calls and savers’ activity, we are incredibly proud of achieving strong satisfaction metrics for both Kent Reliance and Charter Savings Bank.

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Kent Reliance


Charter Savings Bank


Our lending products, with the exception of funding lines and residential development loans, are distributed via mortgage brokers who are vital to our success. We pride ourselves in providing unique and consistent lending propositions across all lending brands, which fulfil our goal of making it easier for intermediaries to serve their customers, our borrowers. Regular engagement with the broker community extends beyond our propositions and enables us to continuously enhance the service we provide. In 2021, but the Group’s Sales teams participated in 418 physical and virtual intermediary events, interacting with brokers and keeping abreast of industry developments and intermediary requirements.

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We have also established a governance framework for consistent best practice across the business and ensure we have robust policies and procedures to minimise the risk of failure to deliver the service both our savers and our borrowers have come to expect.

We have a range of policies which govern how we transact with our customers including, lending policy, customer vulnerability policy, arrears management and forbearance policy. There are also policies that apply to the business as a whole and govern our operations: data protection and retention policies, conduct risk framework or conflicts of interest policy. Whilst we concentrate on providing an excellent service, when things go wrong, we aim to put them right and learn from any mistakes made and acting in line with our complaints handling policy.

Focused on our customers